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Following are some quick links to a few of the places you can find Nicole’s works:

Fine Art Limited Edition Giclee Prints

Enjoy and search our Fine Art Limited Edition collection visually by clicking the painting below:

You can also type your Limited Edition search words here:

This is Fun:  You can search our Fine Art Limited Edition collection, using the search box above, in different ways and see some fun results.  You can search by theme (such as searching for water or dance or Paris or Venice or bird)(my favorite way to search), or if you know the title of the artwork you want to find, you can also search by artwork title (such as Le Lac de Reves). If you are interested in purchasing an original artwork or commissioning a work, please contact Nicole.

Important Notes:

Not every artwork in Nicole’s Portfolio is included in our shopping cart mechanism yet, so if you see something that you like in the portfolio but can’t find it here, please contact us. In addition, if you are interested in purchasing an original artwork or commissioning a work, please contact Nicole.

Please click here For More Information on the Features, Sizes and Shipping of Limited Editions.

Cater to Your Practical Side! Don’t Miss Our Useful Art:

It’s fun to live with Art that is beautifully useful!   Here are some of the places online where you can purchase these exceptionally pretty AND practical goodies:

Boots & Scarves & Umbrellas

Buy Lovely Scarves at Christopher & Banks






M. Nicole van Dam fine art used for various scarves (many currently sold by the wonderful Christopher & Banks department stores):
CHristopher and Banks post banner

Matching Boots, Scarves and Umbrellas

Click Here to Find Boots, Scarves and Umbrellas










Here is an example of one of the available matching boots, scarves and umbrellas – please visit our Boots, Scarves and Umbrellas page to see more:

“I Love You Mom” matching Boot, Scarf and Umbrella

I Love You Mom boot and scarf

Buy "I Love You Mom" Scarf

Buy “I Love You Mom” Scarf

Matching Umbrella

Buy Matching Umbrella













Jewelry So excited to share that my “Dance of the Fall Leaves” earrings design has been licensed and is now for sale! I am so proud and grateful to wear these! Hope you like them too!











Find More Things on Amazon In addition, you can purchase Nicole’s Books, Plates, Rain and Garden Boots and some other products through Amazon:

Buy Nicole’s totally artsy, colorfully Impressionist rain and garden boots on Amazon

If you’re looking for T-shirts, Tote Bags, Mugs, and other types of things, this is the link for you!

Totebags, Mugs and other Useful Goodies

Tote Bags, T-Shirts, Mugs, Coasters and other Useful Goodies






Buy and Collect Nicole’s totally artsy, colorfully Impressionist Scarves!

Collect Nicole’s Beautiful Scarves Designs!









Buy and Collect Nicole’s totally artsy, colorfully Impressionist Umbrellas!

Collect Nicole's Beautiful Umbrellas

Collect Nicole’s Beautiful Umbrellas










  • Inca Dink, The Great Houndini is available for the Apple iPhone, iPad etc. in a lovely animated version narrated by BBC personality Dominic Byrne at this link:

Find in the Apple App store: Playful Animated, Narrated version of “Inca Dink” story on devices such as your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch










Here is a video of the “It’s Spring” version of the boot being modeled:

Here is an example of the press given Nicole’s boots at the MovieGuide Awards, and it didn’t bother Nicole one bit to be referred to as a “modern day Monet.”

M. Nicole van Dam Artwork and Boots Honored Backstage Movieguide® Awards Gifting Suite from RealTVfilms on Vimeo.

  •  To Buy Rain and Garden Boots:  There are several boots at these links:

Buy Nicole’s totally artsy, colorfully Impressionist rain and garden boots on Amazon

To Buy Nicole’s Adult and Children’s Books: There are several books available on Amazon at the following links:


Nicole’s creations are available in many stores and places on the web and are made by various manufacturers.   The items you buy on Amazon and elsewhere are not signed personally by Nicole, but instead are shipped directly to you by the seller (not Nicole).  Only the Limited Editions are sold directly by Nicole, everything else is sold by third party retailers and manufacturers, but you can still get these items signed by Nicole.   If you are interested in purchasing something you don’t see here, or would like to request a signature on something you have already purchased, please feel free to contact us.  

From Nicole:

I’m always happy to sign books and things with my art for you (if practical – some things simply cannot be signed, but I can write a separate note for you, and some things, like the boots, are sold with collector cards that I can sign for you).  If you would like for me to sign something (and write a personal note to someone), I’ll be happy to do that, please contact me for details.  The process entails your shipping your items to me, in a box with the following things: (1) legible instructions giving me the name(s) you want included on the note and something about each person (helps me write the personal notes); and (2) everything I will need to ship the items back to you (i.e., postage pre-paid packaging addressed to you).   Please make sure you give me enough time!  Especially in the holiday season! 

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