New Artwork and Poem about Politics!

This is a new work by M. Nicole van Dam called “The Voting Booth.” Each pair of shoes seen below the poll booth curtains represents a different segment of our population, and in the poll booth curtains above their shoes is what they might be dreaming of as they cast their vote. The poem that follows, called “Politics,” is also by M. Nicole van Dam, and is an interesting compliment to “The Voting Booth” artwork.

The Voting Booth


Humans up to their tricks
So rightfully pretending
Public service never ending
Ethics unbending
All problems mending

These are foes of monetary might
waging an ad laden fight
with clever slogans to delight
and red, white and blue colors always in sight
Each has supporters who avow this candidate is right
The media’s twirling spin adds dizzying flight
to a fanciful murky blend of fact, opinion and insight

The voters hopefully will select their candidate with care
and not in too many false promises be ensnared
Each ballot being cast
is by an individual among the vast

But even among the voting throng
Is one common theme to which all seem to belong
A hope that from all this debate comes a vision we can share
of better tomorrows
an end to the world’s sorrows
and a prayer, belied by our experience
that yet
Once elected they shan’t forget
All the problems they set
out to fix
In this odd quest
of debate and jest
underhandedly above board zest
all at Democracy’s behest

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