Last Night’s CreativityCentral Session WILDLY Fun!

Last night’s CreativityCentral session was a hoot!

(Owl by Gillian!)

We worked on the next phase of our “Jammin Jungle” project.  As a reminder, the background was painted in February.  This month we created the forms for the 3D animals and flowers.  Here are some photos of our wonderful group from last night – enjoy and be inspired!

We started with cookie cutter shapes of animals:

(Allyson starting with the cookie cutter)
-and then as always everyone got got creative, modified them, made them 3D, used all sorts of tools (and key chains and forks and measuring cups and anything we could find!).
(above and below) Melanie showing her mom Rose her impressive fork and other techniques.  What a great super-talented, super-fun Mother-Daughter team!
Gillian (photo above) demonstrating her rolling technique (and see her cute owl!), and smiling graciously for the camera (below)

Allyson hard at work (above)

Joan hard at work too (with a smile!)
-and Gillian (above) worked hard too – see the snake above she was working on – note the cross-hatch technique!
-But it wasn’t all hard work – in fact, there were lots of smiles:
(We won’t share what we were laughing about (above) on this one!)
From all this fun, came some wonderful creations:
Allyson’s Ape (above) with a heart, and her beautiful African flower

Gillian’s ‘Gator

Super Impressive work (above) by Melanie on her monkey’s face and clever bananas (see the photo insert above to see the results)

Joan’s lovely creations (above and below)

Melanie’s Creations (below):

Rose’s AMAZING tree (above)

Gillian’s Sweet bird (above) and some of her other creations (below):

Overall, the evening’s results were prolific AND beautiful!  We will have lots of lovely creatures and flowers to color in next session!

Most importantly, a cozy, fun time was had all by all!

The next step in our project will be for us to color in these lovely creations, after which we will adhere them to the canvas we painted as a group in February.
Please join us on Friday April 29 for our next CreativityCentral session – it should be a blast – not only will we work on this fun project, “The Jammin Jungle” – but also my dear friend Dr. Kenneth Kafka will once again wow, delight and amuse us with his music (and hopefully we will get to write another song with him – we all laughed so hard last time our sides hurt!).  Please contact the Cancer Resource Center at 805-652-5459 to join us next time!
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