Had My First Knitting Machine Lesson!

I am so excited!

Smile! See the contrast between the first yellow "worms" I made on the knitting machine, shown here sitting atop the vastly improved orange knitting I did last night. That's something for me to SMILE about!

Ruth kindly came all the way up to the house and gave me my first KnitKing knitting machine lesson. She helped me set up the older machine so I could learn on it. Remember the yellow knit “worms” I made on my first solo attempt? NO MORE WORMS!

Here is what I learned:  First, the spongebars on these knitting machines get used up, so I had ordered new ones.  Ruth helped me replace the sponge bar, and that was a large part of the problem that made the machine jam during my first solo attempt, I think.   I also learned more about setting the right tension for the yarn you are using.  Apparently the yellow yarn I was initially using was a bit too thick for the machine setting I chose (i.e., I had the tension set to too low a number – I was using a 4, it should have been maybe an 8!).  Ruth also brought me a casting comb that was a little easier to use – she kindly let me buy it from her as they don’t make these anymore.  (I do worry about falling in love with a hobby that might die due to lack of parts!).   After Ruth left, I cast on all by myself (smiles) and started playing with the pre-programmed patterns, tried four different patterns. By 1:30am (yes, after midnight!), I was zonked, but look at what I made! It’s still hanging on the machine, I want to try some more patterns and maybe even try changing colors. It was so fun! Ruth was a patient teacher, and I am so appreciative of my Aunt for believing in me and giving me such wonderful machines, yarns and supplies – WOW. A new lifetime hobby!

I still have ooodles to learn, about the ribber and color changers and winding yarn and programming my own designs! -Oh, and I better learn to follow a pre-existing pattern and increase and decrease stitches for necklines and sleeves and such first!   SUCH FUN! I love learning new things.   At least I can make monotone textured scarves now!

Closeup of what this Magic Machine can do! Look at that texture!

Another close-up - this is me knitting on the machine without using any pre-programmed textures. St. John's knits, watch out!

By 1:30AM, I was zonked and my "sampler" was touching the floor!

What a difference a lesson makes! Compare the yellow "early worm" to what I did after my lesson! HURRAY! THANK YOU RUTH!

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