Gondolier of Venice

Gondolier of Venice was inspired by the romance of the waterways of Venice, Italy.   The water effects in this artwork were very important to me to get right and difficult to execute.  I wanted Gondolier of Venice to have an engaging romantic and Impressionist flair.  The artwork is framed with lovely roses, and I wanted the perspective to be as if we are standing on a low footbridge over the canals of Venice, and we see one gondola just passing below, and looking ahead we see a second gondola.  I wanted the viewer to experience the canals of Venice.

History of the Gondolier of Venice:  The original work was created in 2005 and sold to a well-known philanthropist in Santa Barbara, California within only a few hours of its completion.  I do miss it!  However, I have a Limited Edition of this work hanging in my home, so I still get to enjoy it!  Another Limited Edition is part of the permanent collection at the lovely architectural masterpiece, the new Cancer Center of Community Memorial Hospital.    Gondolier of Venice is still available in Limited Edition prints and has been internationally licensed on glass plates, and also available also on other lovely items such as scarves, mugs and more, at Create.bz.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  If you are interested in purchasing a print or other fun items with this artwork or licensing this artwork, please contact me at M. Nicole van Dam.

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