May Mosaic Madness at Creativity Central!

At our May Creativity Central session, our creative group created lovely mosaics out of paper. In addition to tissue paper and basic kid grade construction paper, for the mosaics we also used a little left over holiday wrapping paper. We think that there is no paper that you can’t use for this! The first step for the mosaics was for each member of the group to cut out 8″x10″ rectangle of light weight cardboard. Nicole then sketched onto the cardboard whatever the Creativity Central member wanted on their cardboard – so one person chose a sea horse, one person chose a hummingbird, one person chose Nicole’s pet bird, and one person chose a cat face that was also a sun! After that, every one tore or cut different colors and textures of papers into little irregular shaped pieces and started the process of gluing on the paper chips using Elmer’s glue sticks. Here are some photos from the May session. Note: The paper mosaic projects will be continued into the next session, but the hours flew by! No one could believe it was time to leave!

The start of a paper mosaic – this Creativity Central member
asked Nicole to sketch Nicole’s bird.


Close up of the many different sizes of paper (and part of Caroline’s Sun Cat project)


Carol’s amazing hummingbird project.


Here is the bird project a little further along.


How Allyson’s sea horse project started


Allyson’s wonderful sea horse project further along
Another look at Caroline’s Sun Cat project – it will be great
when all the colors are in!
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